Biblical Manuscripts

For the past twenty years I have had the privilege of caring for a superlative collection of original Bible leaves. Each one is a treasure, touched by the hands of people of faith now long gone and loved by countless people in countless places. Each leaf has a story that is more than just the words written on it, for it may have seen wars, inspired great acts of self-sacrifice or perhaps been secreted away for fear of persecution.

How they have survived is miraculous. I am in awe of their artistic presence and historical significance, as well as their communication from God Himself. Though the message they contain continues to travel through time its vehicle has changed. No longer do individual men of faith put ink to paper or vellum, each stroke a labor of love. The collection I have is part of a dwindling trove that will never be reproduced.

My late husband and I were honored to be custodians of this collection in our home in Colorado. As each one was acquired we had them framed professionally according to conservationist policies and they were a signature display for all visitors to enjoy. 

I am now entering a chapter in my life when I need to downsize. This irreplaceable treasure needs to pass into someone else’s hands to be cared for and appreciated for many generations to come.

I have decided to reach out to various people and entities that may have an interest in acquiring my collection. There are some 27 leaves which can be seen online at the web address below and can be personally viewed at my place of business in Beaver Creek, Colorado. With a reserve of $15,000 I will consider offers for the entire collection.

I would be happy to answer any questions personally. If you wish to connect by phone please email me your contact information. 

Thank you for your consideration, Peggy Horton |

Presented in alphabetical order:

1st Printed Irish Translation

Biblia Latina 1492 A.D.

Biblia Latina 1492 A.D. Prophets [Unframed]

Biblia Sacra 1580 A.D.

Bishops Bible

Daniel 1260 – 1275 A.D.

Eliot Bible 1660 – 1668

Geneva Bible (x2) 1560 A.D.

Geneva Bible 1560-1644 A.D.

Great Bible 1st Edition 1540 A.D.

Hebrew Bible 1544 A.D.

Hebrew Pentateuch 1617-1618 A.D.

Hebrew Pentateuch Early 18th Century

Josephus 1544 A.D.

King James Pulpit Bible 1611 A.D.

Latin Vulgate 1558 A.D. (unframed)

Latin Vulgate 1628 A.D

New Testament in Greek 1678 A.D.

Rhemes New Testament 1582 A.D.

Tyndale Bible 1st Edition 1537 A.D. (Matthew’s Bible)

Tyndale New Testament (4) printed 1535-1536 A.D

Vulgate Bible 1230 A.D.